The books

There are six Knome books so far:

The_magic_knome_200px_FREEThe Magic Knome
Menza the Knome dreams of being a magician and his dream finally comes true when one of the old Knomes teaches him about a fantastic, magical ability – namely his imagination!

Soon Menza is a master magician and conjures up the world’s coolest castle with lookout towers, swings and slides everywhere. But he faces a difficult test when a forest monster suddenly appears in his game …
THE KNOMES - The Magic Knome THE KNOMES - The Magic Knome THE KNOMES - The Magic Knome

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The_knome_tree_heroes_200pxThe Knome Tree Heroes
Brave Thero looks after The Knome Tree. And he has to be in top form when he whizzes along a zip wire, shoots with moonberries and jumps on a trampoline between the branches of the tree.

His friend Thok prefers to relax. So what happens
when together they have to defend The Knome Tree
against flying berry thieves?
The Knome Tree Heroes The Knome Tree Heroes The Knome Tree Heroes
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Dragonsword_200pxThe Dragon Sword
Dramon can’t find his place in The Knome
Village, so he sets off on an adventure.
Danger lurks at every turn outside of
Knome Forest and Dramon is put to the
test when he finds The Dragon Sword
with its magical powers.

Does the little Knome dare to take on the
huge responsibility that comes with the sword?

And what does The Dragon Sword think about Dramon?

The Dragon Sword  The Dragon Sword The Dragon Sword
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The_secret_200pxThe Knomes’ Secret Protector
Poor Nundja! He’s always tired and walks around yawning. The other Knomes scold him and call him lazy, even though he can’t help it.

One night the evil Tiger King steals “The Knomes’ Heart” ruby from The Knome Village. Three brave Knomes are sent off on a mission to get it back … and to everyone’s surprise Nundja is one of those chosen!

Now the sleepy Knome goes on an adventure of a lifetime – across Carnivore River, down through Spider Valley and to the Tiger King’s fort. But when the other Knomes are captured,
Nundja must wake up and find a new side of himself to save his friends and reclaim
The Knomes’ Heart.
The Knomes' Secret Protector The Knomes' Secret Protector Nomernes hemmelige beskytter
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TrioZapper_200pxThe TrioZapper
The inventive Envo invents the most amazing
things for the other Knomes’ adventures.
But because he dreams of going himself,
Envo invents a ray gun called the TrioZapper.
And so he sets out on an action-packed
adventure in a fight against sword-wielding
scoundrels …

However, Envo ultimately learns that only one thing can overcome the bad guys and it’s not a weapon, but a strength that he has within himself – namely his inventiveness.

The TrioZapper  The TrioZapper The TrioZapper
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The_Wild_Race_200pxThe Wild Race of the Knomes

The little Knome, Minno, is tired of shovelling dung in the pigo stables. He dreams of becoming one of Princess Zika’s proud Storm Riders.

“You’re too small to become a Storm Rider,” say all the others. But Minno is determined to show them that they are wrong so he decides to do the impossible: to win the Wild Race of the Knomes.

TheWildRace  TheWildRace  TheWildRacex
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