The 6 colors of the Knomes

Green: Food Knomes.
They work in the fields and gather roots and fruits.
They also prepare all the delicious food that the Knomes get to eat.

Blue: Inventor Knomes.
They are responsible for all construction and invent the machines that the Knomes need.

Violet: Healers.
If you get sick or injured, it’s good to know a Healer Knome.
They also look after Knome eggs.

Red: Warrior Knomes.
Knome Forest is a dangerous place. So strong warrior Knomes are always needed to protect the village.

Orange: Magicians.
It’s the wise Knomes who can do magic. They also help Princess Zika with advice and guidance.

Yellow: Riders.
The yellow Knomes either ride or fly.
They look after the animals that take the Knomes around on their adventures.

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