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As a parent myself, I know how important it is to ensure the books my child is reading has an important message to take away. On this page you will find a brief description of each of the Knome books to put your mind at ease.


The Knomes may be action-packed adventures, but it’s not all just fun and games. Each story has a strong moral behind it, so there is plenty to talk about when the reading is over.

Here is an overview of the messages and ideas behind the different books:

The Magic Knome

The_magic_knome_200pxThe magic Knome is a tribute to imagination. The Knome creates a fantasy castle and fights the forest monster Mordobe – This is an anagram for boredom. In the story Menza fights a forest monster, but in reality he uses his imagination to fight boredom.


The Knomes’ Secret Protector

The message here is that ‘diversity in a society is a strength’.

The_secret_200pxAt first the Knomes dislike the poor nundja for being different. But as Nundja discovers his own skills, he saves the day. The other Knomes learn that being different can be a really cool thing.




The Dragon Sword

The message here is somewhat similar to the Spiderman story:

‘With great strength comes great responsibility.’

Dragonsword_200pxAs the Knome Dramon finds the Dragon Sword he learns that wielding such power can only be allowed if he promises to fight evil and defend the weak. Dramon gets to choose between a chest full of gold or the Dragon Sword and the commitment that comes with it. Dramon chooses the Sword, but what would you choose?





The Knome Tree Heroes

The message here is ‘practice makes perfect’

The_knome_tree_heroes_200pxThe Knome Thok is too lazy to practice his skills at the Knome training grounds. But as the tree is attacked by flying thieves, Thok fails to protect the Knome tree. Only with a lot of help from his friend Thero, do they manage to chase off the thieves.


The TrioZapper

The message: ‘it is not only outer strength that defines a hero’

TrioZapper_200pxThe inventor Knome Envo wants to be a hero just like the strong,
red masked warrior Knomes. On his adventure his learns that his strength is an inner strength; his ingenuity. And he is just as much a hero when he makes his inventions as the strong warrior Knomes are, when they do their fighting.




The Wild Race of the Knomes

The message: ‘Always believe in yourself, even when others don’t’

The_Wild_Race_200pxNobody believes that the little Knome, Minno, can handle any big challenges due to his small size. But Minno is dead set on proving them wrong by winning the Wild Race of the Knomes. Soon everybody learns that with great self confidence and determination anything is possible.


Try for yourself

Now that you’ve read the message behind each book, why not download the free e-book and try for yourself.

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