I have the most AWESOME readers!

The most rewarding thing about making children’s books is receiving letters, drawings and pictures from your readers. This update is a celebration of the creative minds of children. Here is a small amount of the many masterpieces I have received over the years.

Thank you so much for all of them!

Fanart_wodden_dolls  Fanart_Thomas_Koto  Fanart_theknomes  Fanart_red_girl  Fanart_pumpkin  Fanart_pizza  Fanart_pigenom  Fanart_pige  Fanart_monstre  Fanart_minecraft  Fanart_Mette  Fanart_Malte_Koto  Fanart_Karen  Fanart_filt  Fanart_colorings  Fanart_Envo  Fanart_breve  Fanart_all_taynikma

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