Jan Kjaer was born 1971 in Denmark and is an award winning children’s book writer and illustrator.

After high school he served his apprenticeship as a Graphic Designer and worked for a LEGO advertising agency a few years before moving to America to attend ‘The Kubert School’ in New Jersey. After graduating as a sequential storyteller, Jan moved to LA and worked as a storyboard- and concept artist for three years for different Hollywood productions companies.

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In 2002 he moved back to Denmark and continued his freelance work for LEGO doing illustrations and story development. He has done several high profile jobs for LEGO, such as the LEGO STAR WARS logo, and the very first concepts sketches for the BIONICLE line, which broke all previous sales records.

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In 2004 Jan decided to try his hand at writing and illustrating his own stories. He has now written 68 books, and his work has been published in 15 countries.

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Becoming a dad and being a life-long fan of the fantasy genre, Jan thought it would be fun to make fantasy picture books. The Nomes were originally comic reliefs in a series called Taynikma for older kids, but since they had become incredible popular, Jan felt they deserved to have their own series, and so The Nomes were born in 2012.

The Nomes are wild and energetic creatures (just like their readers). The stories are action-packed and made to trigger kids’ imaginations and inspire fantastic play. “But it’s not all fun and games,” Jan says. “Because when kids play they also test their moral values”. Each Nome story contains a strong moral, and there is plenty to talk about when the reading is over.

Jan Kjaer’s stories have been made for TV, Theatre, games and toys.