Hi. I’m Jan Kjaer, children’s book writer and illustrator.

I actually started out working for Lego as an illustrator and story developer (my Lego work here). After almost a decade with the lovely bricks, I decided to try my hand at writing my own stories.

In 2004 my first book was published, and since then I have written 68 books and they’ve been published in 15 countries. I’m truly grateful being able to write for a living and the most rewarding thing about this is when I receive letters and drawings from my readers. The great masterpieces I have received.

Early in my authorship I realized that I felt a calling towards reaching the reluctant readers. With my style of writing and drawing it seemed like the natural thing to do. For over a decade now I have been experimenting and developing new ways to attract the reluctant readers and give them a love for reading. You can see some of my inventions here.

I encourage you to have a look around and don’t be shy – drop me a line if you have any comments or questions.