Is it okay if I ‘doodle’?

The funniest thing happened at my latest workshop. One of the boys finished his drawing early and asked if it was okay if he started doodling. I said yes, of course, expecting him to start sketching images from his imagination. Instead he pulled out his cell phone and found a ‘doodle’ video on Youtube. He then started drawing while watching the video.

The drawings were very simple but as I watched him draw I realized that this exercise was actually very useful. As an artist I know that being able to draw is all about being able to SEE. And by copying this video the boy practised his ability to SEE as an artist.

So once again my pupils taught me something. I have made a few ‘doodle’ videos now for future workshops. Knowing what good practice it is for the kids to copy the drawings I think I’ll make some more … and, well, because I’m having a blast making them 😉